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How do you say THANK YOU?

By Heather Walker

How do you say THANK YOU?


Verbally – to the morning barista.

Expressional-ly – with a smile to the coworker who pushed the elevator button for you.

Lip synch – to the traffic control flagperson.

Physically – with a handshake.

Electronically – on an Email message.

Printed – on your invoice.

In writing – by your own hand.

Charitably – with a donation.

Belatedly – with sincerity.


THANK YOU is not the end of a conversation.  Follow-up thank you’s open business doors, stimulate new discussions and can put you on the invite list.

Who am I?

By Heather Walker

Email signature blocks are must haves.

Important contact information must be included when sending or receiving an email message – it authenticates you.

Name, business, telephone, mobile phone, business name, address, logos, IM, SKYPE, vCard, website, social media connections, quotes, sig tags, Emoticons, legal disclaimers, virus checked messages…that’s a lot of YOU.

Every time?

Email exchanges can stretch for several “pages” and including your full signature with each reply can turn email chats voluminous.

Include your full-on, BIG “this is me” signature the first time.

After that, who you are.

(Simply) Heather