Monthly Archives: August 2018

OUCH! I saw that.

By Heather Walker

Networking is a vital part of doing business. Face-to-face networking is more than social networking; F2F puts a face to your name, a name to your business and opens eyes to who you are and what you do.

Eyes speak loudly.

Invited to a recent meeting, I was introduced by the President to a business colleague. Hands were shaken, pleasantries exchanged and when asked if I was a member of the association, I said no. I am the President’s Virtual Assistant.

His eyes glazed over and focused on a distant point across the room. The conversation stopped. Attempts to engage further were one-sided and awkward. I was aware he no longer cared to converse, convene or contact visually. I excused myself.

Snubbed by a social climber. Ouch.

Mr. Patronizing’s narrow vision limits his sight.

For me, it was an eye-opener.