"I wanted to take a moment to thank you for your selfless giving during the 2011 International Conference in Las Vegas. On behalf of the International Coach Federation, please accept my sincerest gratitude for your serving as a volunteer this year. Your flexibility, energy and support were evident in all aspects of the conference. As a result, all attendees felt truly welcomed to our international event and for that, we commend you.

We were very blessed to have you in the ICG Global family. Thank you for your ongoing commitment to our growing profession.”

Ed Modell
PCC 2011 ICF President

“Heather is: Efficient, Compassionate, Intuitive, Brilliant, Committed, Innovative, Encouraging, Light Hearted, Hard Working, People Orientated, and FUN! Heather truly completes our team with her seamless talents and kind nature. I enjoy every minute we work together and sleep well at night knowing she is always on top of everything!” 

Molly Edge

"Heather and I worked together helping to put on a TED event at Capilano University. During TEDxCapU I got to know her quite well. The one quality that stands out about Heather is that she is one of those rare people you meet for the first time and have an instant connection with. Her most unique quality is her active listening skill. She uses them so well and is working to improve things for you from the moment you meet her. Combined with her distinctive fun personality; she is the kind of people I enjoy working with.”

Gerry Spitzer
Chair Sponsorhip Committee, TEDxCapU, Retail SOS

 Wisdom Collective

"Heather is conscientious, attentive to details, thoughtful, thorough, prompt, caring, and is somehow able to see both strategic and operational needs at hand. Her years of involvement at all levels of complex projects make her a seasoned and wise advisor in many bonus ways as well. She has a great sense of humour and her sunny, encouraging and engaging temperament make her a true asset to have on any team.”

Sue Drinnan
Msc, (Neurosc), PCC

Founding Partner, Essential Impact

"Heather provides stellar customer service. We can count on her to deliver creative, yet cost-effective client appreciation touches that let people know we care about our relationship with us. She really gets how we want to connect with our clients, business partners, and the coaching community.”

Carollyne Conlinn
MCC, MBA, MPH                

CIO – VP IMIS, VCH/Providence

“Energetically on top of the administrative game, Heather demonstrates best-on-best. Taking initiative and delivering on goals, in her role as Executive Assistant, Heather ensured that I kept my head up and stick on the ice. A winning team consists of players who demonstrate a successful history of consistency, accuracy and spirit – all of which Heather personifies.”

Greg Feltmate
CIO - VP IMIS, VCH/Providence

Achieve Your Mark

“A resounding “Yes” for Heather! She will infuse your business with order and energy – she has the unique ability to attend to every detail of work while being attentive and truly personable with everyone she meets. Trusted, dependable, with an abundance of skill and joy!”

Martha Sales
Certified Executive Coach

“I recommend Heather for many of my clients. She is genuinely the most personable person I have met. She is highly engaging, professional and quick! I do not take my referral list lightly, I feel confident to send Heather to any of my clients and know that she reflects the same high standards that I do!”.

Lesley-Ann Marriott
CEC, MCC, Marriott Management Group

“Heather is a consummate professional who goes above and beyond her job description to create a seamless, enjoyable working relationship. She is completely dedicated to her clients and does her work within deadlines!”

Adam Lupton
Creative Director, House Guest, Positive Negative, Gallery Owner

“Heather has consistently gone above and beyond in every project she undertakes! Her care for people and her attention to detail and task give her the perfect mix to keep executives successful while being attentive to their needs and the needs of their clients."

Bill Quin
PCC, NuStride Executive Coaching

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