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How do you say THANK YOU?

By Heather Walker

How do you say THANK YOU?


Verbally – to the morning barista.

Expressional-ly – with a smile to the coworker who pushed the elevator button for you.

Lip synch – to the traffic control flagperson.

Physically – with a handshake.

Electronically – on an Email message.

Printed – on your invoice.

In writing – by your own hand.

Charitably – with a donation.

Belatedly – with sincerity.


THANK YOU is not the end of a conversation.  Follow-up thank you’s open business doors, stimulate new discussions and can put you on the invite list.

I Do Good Work

By Heather Walker

Doing good work feels meaningful.

Hearing I do good work feels heartening.

Seeing the words feels:

  1. inspiring
  2. convincing
  3. heady
  4. all of the above.

Thanks Mr. Client, your note made my day/week/month!

Who am I?

By Heather Walker

Email signature blocks are must haves.

Important contact information must be included when sending or receiving an email message – it authenticates you.

Name, business, telephone, mobile phone, business name, address, logos, IM, SKYPE, vCard, website, social media connections, quotes, sig tags, Emoticons, legal disclaimers, virus checked messages…that’s a lot of YOU.

Every time?

Email exchanges can stretch for several “pages” and including your full signature with each reply can turn email chats voluminous.

Include your full-on, BIG “this is me” signature the first time.

After that, who you are.

(Simply) Heather