Why do you make it so hard to be nice?

By Heather Walker

I understand the importance of physical and moral autonomy and the governing principles for the commercial use of personal information.

What I don’t understand is why businesses hide their address. Where are you? How do I send cards, letters or parcels?

Sometimes my clients ask me to send their clients a greeting. Sometimes a phone call is all it takes to get an address. Sometimes a different time zone, country and language add to the perplexity—and the cost of investigating.

Conventional postal services deliver more than notes, greetings, chocolates and gifts; they deliver thoughtfulness. Clients feel acknowledged. It feels rewarding to hear they were “wow’ed” by the surprise of old fashioned mail. But it can be hard to be nice when there is nowhere to deliver it.

Generally, I almost always find you and wow, it makes the mailing that much sweeter.

So, make it easy, where am I sending your card?

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