Virtual Assisting is uncomplicated.  Smart and clean, and easy to use. 
VBTS helps with the heavy, slow-moving, administrative paperwork purgatory. 


How well do you administrate?
How much do you enjoy it?

Email screening
Outlook/Google/iCloud calendars
Meeting invites: Hangout video chats and teleconference audio meetings
Transcription, meeting agendas, minutes, printing and distribution
Document scanning/sending/filing
Editing and proofreading
File and PDF conversions and reversions
PowerPoint presentations
Research, drafting articles, editing, proofreading
Social Media networking
Blog posts and on-line submissions
Website updates

What else could you be doing with your time?

Expense reconciliations
GST/PST electronic filing
Accreditation and credential updates
Membership, subscription, insurance notifications and renewals
Customer Relationship Management (CRM) database systems development/maintenance
Business card scanning for CRM
Marketing and advertising campaigns
Newsletter distribution
Résumé and cover letters
Telephone/cellphone answering
Voice messaging
Business plan writing

It's not the impression you make,
it's the impression you leave.

Introductions, client “touches” and appreciative follow-ups
SendOut Cards – recognition, celebration or just how the heck are you?
Marketing and management
Contract proposals, RFP’s
Promotional products for branding and gifts
Online shopping
Meeting and event planning
Travel and hotel scheduling
Public Relations and your positive public image
Human Resources management

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